The West Bay park has been freshly lined and the goal nets have been put up in preparation for a big football match in Millport tonight.

Millport FC will take on a team of students from Newcastle at the pitch on Tuesday, June 11 at 7.30pm.

The visitors are all students with the Field Studies Council (FSC) and are paying a visit to the FSC facility just outside the town.

It's thought to be the first match played at the West Bay pitch in around five years.

Gordon Hugh Lundie, who took the above photograph, said: "It is great to have football back at West Bay.

"Your mind goes back to the 70s and a warm night with the sun going down and spine tingling atmosphere as Millport take on Largs Thistle in front of a boisterous crowd.

"Anyway, those were the days. Hopefully they get a good turnout tonight, as it’s fair to say after the work they put in, that they get the game on they deserve."

The venue used to host the Finlayson Cup match every year, while members of the fledgling Cumbrae Rugby Club squad have also been using the pitch for training recently.

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