Largs Thistle were rolling back the years as they reached the final of a legends tournament hosted in Glasgow last weekend.

It was very much a blast from the past as Thistle enjoyed a very good tournament showing, having not got out of the qualifying stages in the same event last season.

Some of the players are still playing with Graham Muir having recently re-signed for Kilwinning side Eglinton, while Largs manager Stuart Davidson, and new assistant coach Kevin Struthers also featured in the line-up.

Muir, who had several successful spells at Thistle, received the Player of the Tournament award from Largs News columnist George Wall.

(Image: George Wall)


Other fan favourites from the days of yore included James Marks who had two stints with Largs Thistle, starting out his career at Thistle in 2004, an ex-Falkirk midfielder Marc Millar who was pivotal in the 2018-19 season, scoring some memorable free kicks. including in the  5-0 win over Kilwinning Rangers in the Scottish Junior Cup at Barrfields Park.

The team on Saturday were: James Marks, Alan Gilbride, Ryan McWilliams. Willie McClure Kevin Struthers, Ryan Deas, Graham Muir, Gary Fleming, Stuart Davidson and Marc Millar..