A COUNCILLOR campaigning to reduce speeding on the Isle of Cumbrae now has backing from local authorities.

We previously told that concerns had been raised about the speed of some vehicles on Ferry Road, which runs across the hills between Millport and the CalMac ferry slipway.

Then island-based North Coast ward councillor Todd Ferguson renewed his campaign after his family cat Archie was tragically killed in October last year after being hit by a speeding driver.

Mr Ferguson announced in the latest Cumbrae Community Council meeting that he has received support from North Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland on his proposal to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Councillor Todd Ferguson is one step closer with his campaignCouncillor Todd Ferguson is one step closer with his campaign (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "The proposal has been supported by [North Ayrshire] council, by the police and I have spoken to Millport Motors as well and they are supportive of it.

"If the community council and the community are supportive of it, there is the opportunity to reduce the speed limit officially to be 40mph everywhere on the island, but the town where it will be 30mph."

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Mr Ferguson posted a poll on Facebook seeking the views of residents on the island on reducing the speed limit.

The poll attracted more than 700 votes, and 126 comments in support.

He added: "When I did run the poll for people who lived locally, the overwhelming response of 90 per cent were in favour of it, but there were people who objected to it naturally, which was always the case.

"I think the very valid point is the fact that Millport is probably the only place on the planet that has a 60mph limit where you have got people pushing prams, walking and cycling. It is a miracle that nothing has happened and this is not to say something will not happen when the speed limit is reduced, but it does dramatically reduces.

"But the decision is up to the community."

Anyone who objects with the proposal is asked to contact Cumbrae Community Council on cumbraeccouncil@gmail.com.