People on Cumbrae are being urged to send in their views on the current speed limits on the island.

Cumbrae Community Council is asking for residents' views on proposals to introduce new 30mph and 40mph limits on the island.

The News previously reported that island-based councillor Todd Ferguson had received backing from North Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland for his campaign to cut speed limits from 60mph to 40mph.

Residents on the island have long expressed concern at the speed of some vehicles on Ferry Road, the shortest route between Millport and the CalMac ferry slipway.

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Now, the community council says it's keen to seek the views of residents on the proposals.

They said: "There is a proposal to update speed limits on Cumbrae for safety. Rural roads are currently unrestricted national speed limits which are not considered to be appropriate due to regular walkers and cyclists. See map images for the new 30mph and 40mph limits.

"Do you agree with this proposal?"

People have until March 28 to send in their views by emailing or leave a note at either The Cumbrae Forum or the Premier Store in Millport.