Largs Viking Festival will be hosting be special air display by an iconic WW2 Lancaster bomber.

Lancaster bombers were used in the famous “Dambusters” raids on the Eder and Mohne and three smaller dams in the Ruhr valley Germany, and was immortalised in the film of that name.

The raid used the famous “bouncing bomb” which was specially designed by the brilliant scientist and engineer Barnes Wallis to breach the powerful walls of the giant German dams.

The Lancaster that the Viking Festival has secured is one of only three Lancaster bombers still in use.

The ‘plane will perform a display over the Clyde off Largs Sunday 4 September at around 2.10pm and can be viewed from the Promenade. Saturday's Lancaster event had to be cancelled due to poor weather, but the forecast is looking good for Sunday. 

Viking Festival Chair Alex Gallagher said “This coup is the result of hard work by several Festival Directors. It shows that we are not content to rest on our laurels but are always looking to improve the Festival and its attractions for the people of Largs and beyond”.

The event is taking place in recognition of Largs war hero Duncan Currie.

It is the last day of the Largs Viking Festival which includes a model boat club display at Aubery between 1-4pm. The international food fayre continues on Largs esplanade.