West Kilbride Parish Church shoud have consulted local people before applying to remove valuable stained glass windows from the disused Overton Church.

This is the view of well known village resident, Mr David Hutchison who wrote to the 'News' and North Ayrshire planning department about the proposed removal/replacement of the historic windows.

He said "I regret the fact that the Parish Church in West Kilbride does not appear to have done that (consulted the public) with regard to this particular proposal. And I hope, that when the future use of the Overton building is considered, public consultation will, indeed, take place." The report to which Mr Hutchison refers can be accessed at www.heacs.org.uk/newsreleases/2009/ecclesiastical.htm.

It is highly critical of the way in which the Church of Scotland has avoided consulting communities throughout the country when it disposes of redundant buildings (other denominations are regarded as behaving much better in the matter).

Full letter on two pages of readers views in the Largs & Millport News of April 20.