A former Conservative councillor has challenged the main political parties in the north coast to put up more candidates.

In a letter to the News this week Mr John Riddell of Fairlie has lamented the lack of democracy by the decision of SNP, Labour and Conservatives to put up only, two, one and one choices for four seats.

He stated: "If the SNP is serious in seeking to become the majority party in Irvine why is it not putting forward four candidates for the four North Coast places? If Labour are serious about retaining control of the Council why is it putting forward just one candidate to represent Fairlie, Largs, Skelmorlie and Millport? And while it is unlikely that the Conservatives will become a majority party in North Ayrshire, if that party is serious about putting up a strong fight for the North Coast area why is it only fielding one candidate when it could have four elected?

A cynic might start to think that in the North Coast area the three national political parties have entered an agreement - some might say a political stich-up"

Full letter and page of views in the Largs & Millport News of March 28.