Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw has pointed out that his door to door leaflet which highlighted a prostate cancer drug was printed before a new decision was taken to allow it.

In a statement after he was criticised by SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson he said:"At the start of last week I am delighted to report that the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) reversed its earlier decision and approved Abiraterone for use by NHS Scotland in the treatment of men suffering from prostate cancer. Although Scotland was the last part of the UK to secure approval this is welcome news.

"In my leaflet where I quoted from a speech given earlier in the year, I also drew attention to my support for a Scottish Cancer Drugs Fund similar to that operating in England which to date the Scottish government has declined to introduce.

"The approval process for new cancer treatments can be prolonged and thousands of individuals suffering from a variety of cancers have benefited from the Cancer Drugs Fund in England. It ensures that sufferers can access the life prolonging drugs they urgently need. I would like to see a similar fund in Scotland.

"For prostate cancer sufferers last week's change of heart by the SMC is welcome news indeed. The campaign for greater support for other cancer sufferers continues."