The Cumbrae community garden set within the grounds of the Garrison is now nearly finished and ready for members to use.

The garden is based where the old nursery for local gardeners used to be.

Registered If you have not already registered an interest in taking up one of the raised beds now is the time to get in touch giving as much information as possible, minimum requirement would be name and address and telephone contact number.

It will be possible for each member to access one bed for the year, as well as to gain use of the poly-tunnel and the supply of a quantity of worm cast and organic compost in the second year of the garden operation.

In addition to this, there will be a supply of garden tools for communal use.

Chairman Frank Corcoran said: "It has been a long hard struggle to get to this stage what with all the disappointments over land use and being unable to meet the criteria set out by some of the funders from whom we sought assistance.