What would Bruce Forsyth say?

In ‘Know Your News’, churches in Largs protested about dancing in the Moorings ballroon on Sundays, a new youth club was opened by Archie McCulloch and a diplomatic row was brewing between the Town Council and the Navy. This week, we look back to the swinging sixties of 1964.

The three Church of Scotland kirk sessions protested to the burgh magistrates against the decision to grant a licence for Sunday dances at the Moorings in June, July and August.

However, the hip Provost Acheson, who admitted to being a fan of the pop music of the period, relented.

The ‘News’ reported: “The magistrates considered the letters but adhered to their original decision, and will inform the churches that they will keep close observation and that the permit will be open to review at any time.” The letter from the churches stated that the granting of Sunday licence caused grave concern to the kirk sessions, who felt that Sunday dancing might bring in a big influx of people from other areas where there was no Sunday dancing.

It was pointed out that in the case of the Clark Memorial Church, the Sunday evening services begin at 8.30 and that the dances would conflict with these services and the meeting of youth organisations.

It was also held that dancing in a building so near to the churches would cause a distraction. The letters concluded by stating that the Sunday dancing was not in the best interests of Largs.