A well travelled Fairlie fusilier showed he was on target during a recent shooting competition in Dundee.
This is not the first time Lance Derby has taken part in a team activity as just six months after joining the Battalion he was picked to play football for two weeks in Cyprus, shortly after he went to Nepal as part of a team to climb Mount Makalu which is 5600m high.
Fusilier Derby joined a total of 11 army teams from different units across Scotland consisting of regular and reserve soldiers to compete in an annual shooting competition in Barrybuddon training area near Dundee.
The 24 year old from Fairlie was part of the 2nd Battalion, representing the Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) team based in Pencuik, near Edinburgh. Fusilier Derby joined 2 SCOTS in April 2015 after leave his civilian employment.
The competition took place over a two day period when the eight person team competed in varied team and individual shooting practices against each other, these practices are designed to test the individual and team in situation they may encounter during operations deployments overseas.
Fusilier Derby said: “ I was in a dead end job and felt that I didn’t have many opportunities to progress whereas the Army offers plenty of opportunities, this competition not only tests you as an individual but also as a team player.’’
The 2 SCOTS team worked hard throughout the competition, coming in fifth place.
Operational shooting demands soldiers to be proficient at fieldcraft as well as shooting. 2017 ensures that good shots are rewarded with success. Participation driven by competition has raised operational shooting in Scotland and across the Brigade.
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