An epic sailing adventure involving 100 young people in recovery from cancer taking in the beautiful and diverse coastline of the British Isles sets off from Largs Yacht Haven this Saturday.
Starting at 2pm, it is the official beginning of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Round Britain relay taking in 2400 miles of the coastline between now and September.
The crew will stop in over 60 towns and ports where people are encouraged to get involved with activities on shore, welcome the crew in and visit Moonspray, the 44ft yacht which will be home to the young people throughout the summer; the vessel will make a triumphant return to Largs, which homes the charity’s Scottish base, to round off the round UK challenge.
The voyage will be a celebration of recovery, achievement and potential as it brings together the past, present and future young people and volunteers the Trust work with. As part of this, the crew will be engaging with local hospitals with the aim of establishing a positive outlook for the futures of young people still undergoing treatment for cancer.

There will be a flotilla of yachts and cruisers from Largs Yacht Haven accompanying the boat to provide a spectacular sight for the big send off.