The results of the 1st Largs Boys Brigade Awards ceremony from last Friday evening are as follows:



PERFECT ATTENDANCE – Austin Li, Aiden Francetti, Dylan Docherty, Charlie Haldane, Stephen Blane.

GOOD ATTENDANCE: - Logan Brodie, James Bell, Will Longmuir, Luke Archbold, Connor McDougall, Torin McLaughlin, Blair Ewing, Harvey Scott, Marc Eardley, Connor Hitter, Caleb Parker, Finlay Muirhead, Connor McCrimmond, Andrew Moore.

SMARTEST DRESSED- Aiden Franchetti, Luke Archbold.

BEST GROUP – Group 3 – Dylan Docherty, Torin McLaughlin, Charlie Haldane.

Art Cup – Harvey Scott. P2 Endeavour – Connor McDougall, Connor McCrimmond, Andrew Moore. P3 Endeavour – Finlay Muirhead, Marc Eardley. Best P2- Blair Ewing, Conner Hitter.

Best P3 – Stephen Blane, Logan Brodie. Best Overall Boy – Austin Li.

Promoted to Junior Section – Logan Brodie, Luke Archbold, Austin Li, Aiden Francetti, Dylan Docherty, Charlie Haldane, Stephen Blane, Harvey Scott, Marc Eardley, Caleb Parker & Finlay Muirhead.


PERFECT ATTENDANCE- Jack Uppington, Clark Wallace, Craig McKeen, Mitchel Ewing, Joel McKeen, Miles Wallace, Matthew Horne, Nathan Marshall, Rhys Franchetti, James McCoo.

BEST GROUP – Group 2 – Thomas Connick, Euan Forrest, Clark Wallace, Charlie Walker, Craig McKeen.

SMARTEST DRESSED – Mitchell Ewing. Bible Knowledge Cup – Kyle Hamilton, Vi Morris Music Award – Thomas Connick. Sportsman of the Year – Finlay Herrington. Clubman of the Year – Ruair Herrington. Footballer of the Year – Calum Gordon & Craig McKeen. Most Improved Footballer – Thomas Connick & Euan Forrest.

Badminton P4 – Charlie Walker, P5 – Euan Forrest, P6 – Craig McKeen, P7 – Finlay Herrington..

O.E.S. For Endeavour – P4 – Aiden McLeod & James McCoo. Robert Currie Award for Endeavour P5 – Jack Uppington & Joshua Wright. Currie Cup for Endeavour P6 – Miles Wallace & Thomas Connick. BEST BOY P4 – Clark Wallace & Matthew Horne. P5 – Calum Kavak & Ruari Herrington. P6 – Mitchell Ewing. Campbell Finnie Gymnastic Award – James McGregor

Promoted to Company Section – Louis Bulloch, Callum Rae, Thomas Connick, Craig McKeen, Mitchel Ewing, Calum Gordon, Kyle Hamilton, Andrew Kennedy, Miles Wallace, Steven McCart, Nathan Marshall, Jason Galbraith.


PERFECT ATTENDANCE – Pt. Connor Stewart, Pt. Sean Fulton. Pt. Andrew Burns, Pt. Lewis Ekeke, Pt. Fraser Blair, Sgt. Nairn Brown.

BEST SQUAD – Squad $ - Pt. Andrew Burns, Pt. Innes Knox-McLean. Pt. Lewis Ekeke. Pt. Jamie Paton. Pt. Connor Muirhead.

Reid Challenge Medal – Pt. Andrew Burns. Simpson Squad Medal – Pt. Andrew Burns. N.C.O. Proficiency Award – Sgt Ross Cormack. Most Satisfactory N.C.O. Cup – Sgt Sam Templeton. Best Boy Medal – Pt. Calum Robinson & Pt. Ross Connick. Best Recruit – Pt. Rory Lewis & Pt. Finlay Herrington. Smartest Dressed in Session – Pt. Sean Fulton. Coach of the Year – Sgt Sam Templeton.. Bible Knowledge Medal – Pt. Sean Fulton. Cross Country Minor – Pt. Ross Connick, Cross Country Junior – Pt. Fraser Blair. Cross Country Senior – Sgt. Calum Paton.. James Law Sports Cup – Sgt Calum Paton. Donaldson Shield Table Tennis Senior – Sgt Nairn Brown. Lindsay Shield Table Tennis Junior – Pt. Ross Connick. William Drynan Trophy Chess Senior – Sgt. Nairn Brown. Boyd Shield Chess Junior – Pt. Sean Fulton. Hugh Dorman Trophy for Drill – Sgt Sam Templeton. Best Drilled Boy medal – Pt. Andrew Burns. Bandsman of the Year Senior – Pt. Fraser Blair. Sweeney Trophy for Bandsman of the Year Junior – Pt. Jamie Paton. Senior Footballer of the Year – Pt. Fraser Blair. Junior Footballer of the Year – Pt. Callum Robinson & Pt. Ross Connick .Pool Player of the Year Senior - Pt. Andrew Burns. Pool Player of the Year Junior – Pt. Lewis McMillan. Sportscotland Awards for Badminton S1 – Pt. Ross Connick & Pt. Callum Robinson. S2 – Pt. Lewis Ekeke & Pt. Sean Fulton. S3 – Pt. Andrew Burns. Senior – Sgt Lewis Robinson. Isobel Northcote Trophy for Endeavour – Sgt Ross Cormack & Sgt Lewis Duff. George & Nan Hannah Shield for Citizenship – Sgt Nathan Noble & Sgt Lewis Duff.

Robert Currie Cup for Best Overall Senior – Sgt. Calum Paton.

PRESIDENT'S BADGE ( 2ND HIGHEST IN BB) - Pt. Fraser Blair. Pt. Andrew Burns. Pt. Lewis Cormack. Pt. Kieran Kavak.

QUEEN'S BADGE ( HIGHEST AWARD IN BB ) - Sgt. Nairn Brown. Sgt. Ross Cormack. Sgt. Lewis Duff. Sgt. Adam Lewis. Sgt. Drew Lewis. Sgt. Ross Maiden. Sgt Nathan Noble. Sgt. Calum Paton. Sgt Ewan Randall. Sgt. Lewis Robinson. Sgt. Sam Templeton. Sgt. Jack Wallace. Sgt Liam Wallace.