A total of £200 of fishing equipment was stolen from Glenburn Trout Fishery overnight between Monday and Tuesday.

Thieves managed to force their way into a wooden store near Fairlie moor road to Dalry, and stole chest waders, landing nets and fly fishing materials.

Police say a door was damaged in Gateside Street, Largs, between 28 September and 3 October and may have been in relation to an attempted break-in.

And police are warning shopkeepers about a sweet-tooth thief. There was a shoplifting incident at a confectionary shop in Largs town centre where a quantity of chocolate was stolen at 4pm on 28 September.

The woman was five foot six in height, slim build, wearing a smart casual rain jacket with blue jeans, and had put her shopping bag on the counter before surreptitiously removing the chocolate.