"Clean up Largs shore and roads"

Published: 28 Mar 2012 09:303 comments

A prominent resident has called upon the authorities to take urgent action to make Largs more presentable with the holiday season looming.

LARGS Golf Club secretary Barry Streets has called for the council to repair and clean up eyesores in the town.

In a letter to the Largs & Millport Weekly News Mr Streets stated:

"With Easter only a few weeks away and, therefore, the start of the visitor season, I (and many others) are seriously concerned about the image which Largs presents to visitors."

The full letter a page of views are in the Largs & Millport

Weekly News of March 28.

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  • Treehugginghippies
    Unregistered User
    Mar 29, 19:11
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    Maybe if people actually used the bins provided instead of dropping everything at there ar*e and then complaining about it the place would look ten times better and the council could keep on top of it! I feel sorry for the council workers as I have seen them clear an area and it is spotless only to be ruined days later by lazy people who refuse to bin their litter and pick up after their dogs, it is not the councils fault the place is a tip it's everyone's fault who refuse to clean up after themselves! everyone on here slates the council saying they do nothing are completely out of touch with reality , these people work tirelessly to try and clean the place up and keep it looking great for the tourists only for it to be ruined by others, people should try and do a job before they start complaining about how bad the state of the town is !

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  • Andy
    Unregistered User
    Mar 29, 21:01
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    Treehugginghippies, if you were to look at the picture above, you would see that it is not about litter but the amount of c*#p that is left to rust on the shore. Most of the damage was caused by the storm, but none the less it is an eye sore.

    On the upside, if you leave it there people might not notice the potholes.

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  • Jacqueline
    Unregistered User
    Mar 29, 21:54
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    I agree with both of the above sentiments.

    From the lazy so and so's who drop their litter as they walk along - especially the well dressed woman who emptied her pockets of hankies on the path from Morrison's to M&Co, stating "everybody does it" when I challenged her. Great standards to set to the little girl who was with her. To the slobs who eat their takeaways and chuck the cartons out their cars as they drive off. And even the locals who are able to walk up the paths to their own homes seemingly oblivious to the cans and crisp packets outside their own doors. Yes, it's annoying to pick up someone elses's rubbish but isn't more annoying to see it lying there? For heavens sake pick it up, shove it in the bin. Deed done.

    On a more uplifting note. Anyone else seen the lone gentleman who wears a tabard simply stating 'Volunteer' and who has been clearing the verges and roadside of rubbish on the coast road between Largs and Skelmorlie. I applaud you sir.

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