Ian Murdoch was "best" community chairman

Published: 18 Apr 2012 09:303 comments

After recent political attacks on Independent candidate Ian Murdoch a former community council colleague has sprung to his defence.

Independent candidate Ian Murdoch

A former community councillor has come out in support of Independent candidate Ian Murdoch.

Mrs Margaret Brown who served on the Largs council when Mr Murdoch was chairman said he did a good job in representing the residents.

In a letter to the 'News' she commented: "I was shocked to read Tom Marshall's letter in which he claimed there were "internecine wars under the recent chairmanship regime of Mr Murdoch. I was a member of Largs CC for many years and I can state very strongly that Mr Murdoch was the best and most fair chair Largs CC has had for many years."

The full letter and two pages of views are in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of April 18.

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  • nippysweetie
    Unregistered User
    Apr 19, 10:37
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    If Mr Murdoch is the " best" community council chairman then won wonders what the rest were like .He certainly ws "best" at shouting and promoting himself .He was also "best" at providing copy for the local press .

    Maybe this is why the editer keeps publishing his photie in the hope that he will get electd and provde moar screeming headlines

    Lets have some good news and not allways moans and .....

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  • betty1234
    Unregistered User
    Apr 23, 16:23
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    In my opinion Mr. Murdoch should keep his mouth shut on all subject, apart from maybe window cleaning.

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  • graham 123
    Unregistered User
    Apr 23, 21:54
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    Betty1234 it is very CLEAR to every one ,that you don.t know Ian Murdoch or the time this man spends trying to better the town of LARGS. IAN MURDOCH is worth more than your nastie comments. Ian Murdoch volenteers his time to better Largs and the surrounding areas, while TWO PAID councillors whom through ill health and old age sit back and take their money without shame. Yes, they both should hang their head in shame.

    Keep up the good work Mr Murdoch.

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