With the big league clash on Saturday against Kilbirnie at Barrfields Park, Thistle President Peter Connor has issued a warning to supporters to be on their best behaviour.
Thistle face Ladeside in a must win clash at 2pm, and following problems during the recent encounter against Beith, fans have been warned to be on their best behaviour.
Peter said: “We at Largs Thistle are disappointed by a few individuals who tried to disrupt our game the previous Saturday, jumping the barrier and looking to cause trouble.”
“I would like to thank the committee and supporters for dealing with it in the right manner, and also the team who were fantastic and stayed focused on what was a great result for the club.
“We won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour - we are a family club that has a great bond between players and supporters. The few individuals who disrupted our cup win over Beith have only embarrassed themselves.”
The problems at the recent Largs v Beith game received an airing during this month’s Largs Community Council meeting.
Inspector Brian Skimming discussed the matter, and said: “Some information came to us and we were asked to attend the Largs v Beith game and some alcohol was taken from youths at the game. Our response is that we will work closely with the committee to provide any assistance.”