Largs Thistle 2 Port Glasgow 1

Largs edged to victory after a typically hard fought encounter with Port Glasgow.
With Thistle out of action for two weeks at an important time during the season, the club were on the lookout for some friendly fire in their bellies, and an appeal was put out to other junior clubs seeking a challenge match on Twitter.
And yet again, it was familiar foes Port Glasgow who came to Thistle’s call, after a number of friendlies between the sides in recent years.
And Largs knew they were in for a scrap after Port Glasgow turned the tables on Largs in December 3-1 up in Inverclyde.
It was the visitors, in second position in the Central District 2nd division, who made the early running, and got the opener in only five minutes as McKenna toe-poked home from the left despite offside calls.
Iain Fisher’s fast paced cross from the right was met by James Marks who evaded his marker and had the simple job of heading home at the near post from a few yards out to level matters.
There was an almighty scramble at half-time with John Tennant and Laurie McMaster clearing off the line for Largs.
As the second half progressed, Largs were looking for a winner, and Robert Love went close as he buzzed about the edge of the area and struck an effort off the inside of the left post and the ball bounced across the face of goal to safety.
The match winner duly arrived as a Largs trialist Frye headed home from a corner on the right. The local amateur player had a bright and breezy game for Thistle, and it will be interesting to see if he will feature in the coming weeks.
Although there wasn’t much in the way of flair play in this encounter, it was a good enough test with Port Glasgow up for the challenge from the start, and Thistle had to work their way into this game before coming out on top.
Largs boss Stuart Davidson said it was a brighter display in the second half and was pleased that his side continued battling away to get a positive result heading into an important run-up of fixtures. Thistle once again have the odds stacked against them as they attempt to stay in the Premier League.
If Largs can keep that winning feeling going, and knock down a few big scalps, who knows what could happen. Thistle have been written off many times before, and keep coming back when you least expect it. Performances in general have improved tenfold since the opening games of the season, and with cup matches and friendies taking precedence lately, it gives Largs the opportunity to refresh and rebuild for the end of season finale. Strap yourself in - here we go! 
Largs: Graham, Fisher, McMaster, Walton, Tennent, Fisher, Ashe, McDonald, Marks, Frye, Ashe. Subs: Thomson, Little, Littler, Davidson, Lundy (GK).