Largs teen Fraser Kane impressed in the International Paracycle championship at the British National cycling centre in Manchester last month.
The event is the equivalent to the world cup for mainstream cycling, and encouraged representation from all over the world as far as Ghana and Greece.
Fraser finished a respectable seventh in the overall event, after making it through the qualification heats, and there was only 30-50cm difference between the two front wheels in crossing the finishing line with the winner.
It is made more remarkable by the fact that Fraser’s pilot, Rowan Elliot, had only linked up with the Largs teen last month, and they had only practised twice together in the lead-up to the event. 
Fraser, who has a degenerative eye condition called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy, is hoping to link up again with Rowan in the British Championships in January.
Proud mum Karen, who attended the championships, said: “Fraser was really super and did himself proud. He finished seventh overall in match sprints, and he had already came through a tough qualifying round ,and he was competing with Neil Fachie who is current world champion.
“Fraser has only had the opportunity to train with Rowan twice, so to achieve what they have in such a short time is terrific. He challenged really hard and deserves great credit.”
And Fraser is going to be competing in swimming in December, as he returns to the pool after having had some time away. 
The 19 year old is continuing to train for the British paraswimming nationals on the weekend of the 9th and 10th, and will be joined by sister Abby who will also be competing in the nationals. Fraser had been swimming for many years, before moving into cycling a few years ago after sustaining a shoulder injury, but has been using swimming in his recent training regime, and decided to return to the pool once more competitively.
In between these events, Fraser will be studying for his exams at Strathclyde University, studying Scots and English law.
Karen has also been thankful to local fundraising support in Fraser’s sporting endeavours, and said: “I would like to add a special thanks to Tommy the Clown and Largs Rotary for supporting Fraser in helping make this possible.”
Fraser has also been cycling in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow.